#sigurrós #live #toronto  (at Air Canada Centre)
I wonder if the person who wove this tapestry in Flanders hundreds and hundreds of years ago knew it’d end up in a dining hall (at Strachan Hall)
🍀 I would have done a much better job getting home last night if I had noticed the neon green tower over half a kilometre tall to the south…..
SUUUUUUUP. I’ll let you know when the Harlem Shake video goes up!!! 🍁 (at Vapor Central)
I don’t mind it here one bit (at Lakeside Ranch)
Piccola Italia in una sera di neve 🇮🇹 (at Little Italy)
I’m really excited about this picture (at Fire Station 315)
« Papiers marbrés de la Bibliothèque Nationale » (at Graham Library at the Munk Centre)
I live for these subtle sunsets. (at McLennan Physical Laboratories)
#StudyView Trinity College Chapel (at Graham Library at the Munk Centre)